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PRO: Blockchain & Fintech Dev Summit [clear filter]
Thursday, June 20

9:00am EDT

PRO TALK:Modernization and Transformation Using Blockchain and Emerging Technology
Blockchain is one of the foundational digital transformation tools, especially when combined with the power of other emerging technologies including AI, ML and RPA. Such combinatorial power is transformational across all sectors, both commercial and public. - From a business perspective, Blockchain help create a frictionless (business) network of trust and transparency both internally and externally to the organization, which in return provides opportunities for real-time trusted data, streamlines efficiencies, open doors to costs cutting by removing various intermediaries, lessens the burden on users, and allows for innovations and re-engineering of antiquated business processes. Blockchain provides framework for creation of new business models. A blockchain project currently at HHS is already seeing an extraordinary impact with a total estimated ROI estimated over 800% over 5 years. - Applying it to any business begins with a full assessment to determine if the company, including the people, are ready and the appropriate blockchain use case is selected. Prioritization should be made to business value and ROI, mission, long-term impact and organizational need before implementing the technology for sake of technology. - Work and impact must be considered outside of single cryptocurrency case. We have seen industries leveraging blockchain for multiple uses cases from supply chain, identity, trade, to managing human resources including finance, transportations, energy, health, government. - Our work implementing the a blockchain project in the public sector was the first ever Federal blockchain project in any procurement function, either government or commercial, in the world. With initial built completed only 8 weeks, it resulted in a large reduction of business friction, including manual work, lowering costs, an improved vendor experience, and a shortened cycle time - from 110 to 9 days.

avatar for Aleksandar Zelenovic

Aleksandar Zelenovic

VP, Strategy and Consulting Practice Lead, Publicis Sapient
Aleksandar focuses on creating long-lasting value at the intersection of technology, innovation and business. He holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and has over 20 years of experience in the global commercial and government sectors. He is an industry expert in business... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 9:00am - 9:25am EDT
Workshop Stage 2

9:30am EDT

PRO TALK: Building Blockchain-Grade Applications (With live code!)
Enterprise IT is just reaching the beginning stages of blockchain adoption, with Walmart, Google, and IBM all investing time and money into the DLT space. But with enterprise legacy systems, an array of public and private blockchains, and a cluttered landscape of integration technology, how are developers building out blockchain applications that make sense at scale? Brian Platz, an enterprise SaaS vetern and blockchain expert will provide a live-code demonstration of how one would set up a customized blockchain for a fictional supply chain network in Fluree. Here is a brief agenda: State of enterprise blockchain architecture Fluree DL and FlureeDB Overview Jump right into the code required to build out a network supply chain leveraging blockchain to process and track downstream movement

avatar for Brian Platz

Brian Platz

Co-founder & CEO, Fluree, PBC
Brian is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Fluree, PBC, a North Carolina-based Public Benefit Corporation focused on transforming data security, ownership, and access with a scalable blockchain database. Platz was an entrepreneur and executive throughout the early internet days and SaaS... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 9:30am - 9:55am EDT
Workshop Stage 2

10:00am EDT

PRO TALK: Simplifying Analytical Reporting for Blockchain Applications
Blockchain is an emerging technology with a huge potential for its innovative characteristics. As its gets adopted in the industry, it will become a new data repository for the most crucial business use-cases with data being shared between organizations. Performing analytics on this data would be a necessity. Currently the blockchain platform does not support analytics neither does the underlying database in blockchain. In this session developers will learn to implement a new solution to will support high performance analytics for Blockchain Applications.

avatar for Vinayak Agrawal

Vinayak Agrawal

Developer Advocate, IBM
Vinayak Agrawal is a passionate developer advocate who likes to build products that makes customer's business and life easier. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, he started working as an engineer on Big Data Products. His passion for open-source and drive to make customer's... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 10:00am - 10:25am EDT
Workshop Stage 2

10:30am EDT

PRO TALK: Near Term of Blockchain
Most speakers and tech-gurus always talk about the future but what they forget is that building use cases in near term determines if there is a future of certain ecosystem. 'Near Team of Blockchain' session will uncover companies that are using blockchain as a service, building on top of blockchain and growing their business because of it. Also encourage entrepreneurs and developers to consider using blockchain. Imran Sheikh, Director of Product & Design at ShareThis, founded Social Blockchain, permanent archive of social activity on the internet, created by collecting and analyzing sharing events from millions of websites around the world. (www.socialblockchain.co)

avatar for Imran Sheikh

Imran Sheikh

Director, Product & Design, ShareThis Inc.
Imran Sheikh, Director, Product & Design @ShareThis Product Advisory @FoundersPad Ventures www.linkedin.com/in/sheikhimran01 More than a decade experience of building and scaling products in B2B/B2C technology and digital media industries. He also published a research paper on 'Entrepreneurs... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 10:30am - 10:55am EDT
Workshop Stage 2

11:00am EDT

PRO TALK: Pro Talk: End-To-End Design Patterns for "DApps"
Decentralized applications are key to mainstream adoption for blockchain. However, private key management, wallet requirements, high latency, frequent micro payment of gas fees, etc. all combine to make today's DApps very difficult to use, thereby creating significant barriers to entry. To fully resolve what may appear, from the surface, to be UI/UX issues, we need to redesign the entire stack of blockchain services — from wallet to JavaScript UX to different gas mechanisms. In his talk, Dr. Yuan will provide retrospectives on several DApps that he and his team developed and marketed in the Ethereum ecosystem, as well as address:* DApp-specific optimizations for wallets such as web3 integration, payment prompt, DApp launch mechanisms, and DApp portals* Seamless and streamlined gas payments * How to handle pure view smart contract functions * Centralized vs. decentralized private key management * UX improvements for transaction waiting time * Third-party gas payments ("net neutrality") Dr. Yuan also will impart new approaches to design useable DApps and, as a community, propose dan discuss new EIPs that can improve DApp usabilities.

avatar for Michael J. Yuan

Michael J. Yuan

Co-founder & Chief Scientist, The CyberMiles Foundation
Dr. Michael Yuan is co-founder of The CyberMiles Foundation, as well as the CEO of the Second State Inc. He is the author of Building Blockchain Applications, which was published by Addison-Wesley. Dr. Yuan has extensive experience developing and commercializing open-source software... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 11:00am - 11:25am EDT
Workshop Stage 2