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PRO: Scalability - Containers & Kubernetes [clear filter]
Thursday, June 20

9:00am EDT

PRO TALK: Driving Deep User Engagement within Your App
Digital marketing channels drive user acquisition and help you optimize your cost-per-install, but once your users are in the door, how do you drive deep engagement? Only 15% of app installs remain in use after 7 days, and Google's new Engagement Rewards platform can help your app remain in your user’s rotation. This cutting edge initiative streamlines the process of incentivizing users to take certain actions that matter within your app, such as a user booking a trip and receiving rideshare credits in return. Join an Engagement Rewards expert to learn about how you can drive user engagement and retention and be an early adopter of the future of mobile app technology.

avatar for Ben	Austin

Ben Austin

Product Manager, Next Billion Users, Google
An experienced product manager at Google and beyond, Ben leads the product team for Google’s Engagement Rewards. Working within the Next Billion Users unit, Ben’s team has built a platform for app publishers to drive user engagement in emerging markets. Prior to joining the team... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 9:00am - 9:25am EDT
DevExec Stage

9:30am EDT

PRO TALK: Continuous Security with Kubernetes
With the rise of DevOps, containers are at the brink of becoming a pervasive technology in Enterprise IT to accelerate application delivery for the business. When it comes to adopting containers in the enterprise, Security is the highest adoption barrier. Is your organization ready to address the security risks with containers for your DevOps environment? In this presentation, you'll learn about: - Best practices for addressing the top container security risks in a container environment including images, builds, registry, deployment, hosts, network, storage, APIs, monitoring & logging, and federation. - How to automate and integrate security vulnerability management & compliance checking for containers in a DevOps CI/CD pipeline - Deployment strategies for deploying container security updates including recreate, rolling, blue/green, canary and a/b testing.

avatar for Chris Van Tuin

Chris Van Tuin

Chief Technologist, NA West, Red Hat
Chris Van Tuin, Chief Technologist, NA West at Red Hat, has over 20 years of experience in IT and Software. Since joining Red Hat in 2005, Chris has been architecting solutions for strategic customers and partners and is a frequent speaker on DevOps, Security, and Containers. He started... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 9:30am - 9:55am EDT
DevExec Stage

10:00am EDT

PRO TALK: Kubernetes in Highly Secure Environments
Installing Kubernetes is easy. Ensuring it complies with your organization’s enterprise governance and security requirements isn’t and requires a technology plan. In this technically-focused talk, Arkadii will summarize common prerequisites for running Kubernetes in production, and how to leverage fine-grained controls and separation of responsibilities to meet enterprise governance and security needs. The presentation will outline a technology plan and discuss basic requirements for audit, security, authentication, authorization, integration with existing identity broker, logging, and monitoring. The audience will learn whether cloud-hosted Kubernetes cover these requirements, how to integrate a compliant Kubernetes installation with their existing cloud infrastructure and how to handle cross-team communication (network/compute/storage/security). Additionally, since on premise Kubernetes deployments have their challenges, Arkadii will cover the limitations of a bare-metal installation, interactions with vSphere’s API, achieving HA, reliability and disaster recovery, as well as handling OS upgrades, security patches, and Kubernetes upgrades. The session will conclude with a quick outlook of what’s next, including infrastructure as a code, immutable infrastructure, and GitOps.

avatar for Arkadii Ocheretnoi

Arkadii Ocheretnoi

Lead Platform Developer, Kublr
Arkadii Ocheretnoi is a Lead Platform Developer at Kublr. A passionate advocate for Kubernetes, Arkadii has a unique focus on enterprise projects characterized by disparate technologies that straddle both on-premises and private cloud environments. Skilled in both Microsoft Azure... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 10:00am - 10:50am EDT
DevExec Stage

11:00am EDT

PRO TALK: The App Developer's Kubernetes Toolbox
If you're developing applications on top of Kubernetes, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the vast number of developer tooling in the ecosystem at your disposal. Kubernetes is moving at a rapid pace, and it's becoming impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest development environments, debuggers, and build, test and deployment tools. In this talk, we'll share from our experience building applications on top of Kubernetes at Bitnami. We'll take a look at the landscape and answer questions like "should my team be using minikube or a shared Kubernetes environment?", "what's the difference between Skaffold, Draft and Telepresence?" and "should I be building an operator or a Helm chart?". We'll try to discern which tools best fit a scenario or workflow by looking at real-world examples of Kubernetes applications.

avatar for Adnan Abdulhussein

Adnan Abdulhussein

Software Engineer, Bitnami
Adnan Abdulhussein is a Software Engineer at Bitnami, where he works on building tools to make apps easier to run on Kubernetes. He contributes to the Kubernetes community as a co-chair of SIG-Apps and a core maintainer of the Helm project. Adnan is passionate about cloud-native infrastructure... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 11:00am - 11:25am EDT
DevExec Stage

11:30am EDT

PRO TALK: Building Planet-scale Architectures the Easy Way
Thanks to recent innovations in microservices, containers, cloud computing, observability, and tracing, it never been easier to build a global system that powers your organization. Learn how to leverage Google technologies on your quest for global scale!

avatar for Sebastian Weigand

Sebastian Weigand

Customer Engineering, Google Cloud
With over a decade's worth of DevOps-specific experience and a deep technical understanding of cutting-edge technologies, Sebastian "That DevOps Guy" Weigand brings insight and clarity to some of today's most challenging business needs. As part of Google Cloud's Swarm team, he helps... Read More →

Thursday June 20, 2019 11:30am - 11:55am EDT
DevExec Stage