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Jedidiah L Weller

Jedi (Jedidiah) Weller is a speaker, community leader, and developer who advocates for the for the empowerment of businesses through technology. Jedi and his team have been pioneering new ways of designing digital solutions and integrating cross-disciplinary teams. His work at OpenForge and the Startup Junto Community continues to lay the groundwork for clearer communication and enhanced transparency in the technology and Startup communities. Jedi is CEO & Head of Technology at OpenForge and organizer of the Startup Junto community. Previously, Jedi has worked as Director of Operations @ Geekli.st in Silicon Valley, Unisys Corporation, Analytical Graphics Inc., and the Technological Institute of Crete, Greece. He serves on the board of Kitchen Cred, a Philadelphia non-profit 501(3)(c) that fosters youth through culinary exercises. He has been a speaker and mentor at technology events across the world, such as SXSW (Slashathon), The Web Summit (#hack4good Dublin), Duke University (#hackduke), and University of Penn (Penn Apps). In addition, Jedi is an entrepreneur, landlord, and dog lover. Follow Jedi for advice on business, technology, and general ramblings @jedihacks.